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Jill is a 15 year old double yellow head Amazon.  He is cage aggressive, but will come out of his cage on a stick.  His foster has had some success with him but Jill is a typical Amazon and some days will be aggressive and bite and others friendly.  He is not a talking Amazon, at least he hasn't said anything with the exception of an infrequent hello.  He does make a loud whistle and horn noise a few times a day.  This is very loud and can be heard outside of a house so she probably isn't a good fit for someone who lives in an apartment.  He enjoys being out on a play stand or tree.  He does enjoy chewing toys in his cage and goes through them fast.  He is a beautiful Amazon and would be a great addition to a family who enjoys having the companionship of a parrot who prefers to be in the same room with you but does not like being touched.  

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