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Shrek is a Goffins cockatoo. He is a friendly and comical bird. He is about 21 years old. He has spent most of his life stuck in his cage and really enjoys getting out of his cage. His feather condition is poor but he is eating a healthy diet now and we are hopeful he will improve over time.  Shrek has also plucked most all his feathers from his back and most from his belly. We are hopeful that in time those can grow back, but we are unsure now if they will, but trying to give him attention and a variety of toys to keep his time occupied and offering him opportunities to play and focus his attention on toys instead of his feathers. He will make a wonderful companion for anyone with the time necessary to properly care for this species.  He loves to be out of his cage and loves nothing more than to sit on your shoulder.  He is a sweet bird but requires a lot of attention.  

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