parrot1Parrot Adoption

Adopting a parrot means providing a home for a bird that used to live somewhere else. Quite a few parrots end up needing a new home because people don't realize the extra time and expense required to properly care for an exotic bird.  Most often, the owners are moving and cannot take the parrot along with them to their new home.

If you're considering getting a parrot you should study the subject. Read everything you can about owning an exotic bird; their habits & needs, different species etc. If a parrot still seems to be a good match for you then
please consider adoption . There are so many wonderful birds out there who need a new home for any number of reasons.

The Adoption Process

There are hundreds of parrot adoption groups out there and they all have their own methods of operation. Your avian veterinarian (a good place to start) will probably be aware of how the different organizations operate and which ones would be right for you to investigate. Most likely they'll steer you toward groups that are most concerned with the continued welfare of the parrot.

A good organization will want to know about you and the environment that your home will provide to a prospective adopted parrot. They may want to visit your home and spend a little time there. This may seem a little invasive at first but it demonstrates a deep concern for the welfare of the bird. As parrot professionals they may be able to help to avoid problems that you might encounter somewhere down the road.

If you find yourself working with a group that is more concerned with the amount of money that you're going to give them than how good a match the bird will be, then you may want to keep on looking for another adoption service.  Unfortunately there are a number of "adoption groups" that are nothing more than used bird stores that are looking to make money on the plight of homeless birds. You should steer clear of these folks as they're part of the problem that we're trying to solve in the first place.


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