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Parrots are beautiful, incredible, charming creatures, endowed with strong emotions, and superior intelligence. Their intelligence is often compared to a young toddler. Parrots are also the most demanding and misunderstood of all companion animals.

People don't understand what they are getting themselves into when they first purchase a parrot. The anticipated wonderful experience often turns into something very different, and very sad, for both people and parrots. The parrots don't always fit into people's lives because of normal human events like illness, or something as simple as a new relationship, a new baby, or a divorce.


The unwanted parrot is sold or given away, often going through a number of different homes. Eventually, sanctuaries and rescues take in many of these unwanted birds. Some of these parrots require and undergo behavioral modification, medical rehabilitation, and training to prepare them for their new home. These services are usually provided by a rescue such as ours.

Our primary goal is to help educate the public and offer support to the owners of these beautiful creatures in hopes that with our help, these birds may remain in their home and experience a rich healthy and fulfilling life.